Collaboration is my love language!

Photo by Jessica Laforet

Photo by Jessica Laforet

During my time as a PhD Candidate in English Literature and Sexual Diversity Studies at the University of Toronto, I’ve worked hard to ensure that my classrooms are spaces of compassion, care, and collaboration. As an educator, it is my (unpopular) opinion that learning is impossible without failure. And so I encourage my students — and myself — to admit when we mess up and to be gentle with ourselves when we do.


At the heart of all of the work that I do is the desire to build community — both inside and outside of the university classroom. To that end, I’ve organized symposiums, conferences, workshops, and storytelling events that centre the voices of marginalized communities and help those more privileged learn and grow as allies. This has included “Sick Theories: A Trans-Disciplinary Conference on Sickness and Sexuality,” the sold-out event “Unruly Bodies: A Night of Storytelling,” and my workshop series “Conflict Resolution for Communities.”

“Margeaux Feldman is an educator, a PhD candidate, a writer, a queer woman, an event producer and a person who is helping the world become better allies. A powerful speaker, a body-love advocate and a community-builder, Margeaux is committed to doing more than fighting back and making things right. She’s here for the long-lasting impact, the eternal lessons, the resistance and the irreplaceable experiences, too.”
— Leviana Coccia