Hi new friends! My name is Margeaux and...

and I want to help you build community by becoming a better ally to folks in marginalized communities!

I am also a PhD Candidate in English Literature and Sexual Diversity Studies at the University of Toronto, which means I spend a lot of time thinking about how language can empower some, while harming others. I work hard to ensure that my classrooms are dynamic spaces for learning and growth where we can admit when we mess up, be gentle with ourselves when we do, and leave feeling excited about the road of learning that lies ahead of us. In 2015 my passion for teaching and community building resulted in being named an Outstanding Teaching Assistant in the Department of English.

 Photo by Yuli Scheidt

Photo by Yuli Scheidt

During my time at U of T I’ve sought out every opportunity I to create spaces where we can learn and grow. This past year I worked with artist, curator, and writer Lauren Fournier on “Sick Theories: A Trans-Disciplinary Conference on Sickness and Sexuality.” The idea for this gathering was born out of my recent diagnosis of fibromyalgia. Understanding the ways in which illness and disability can led to isolation, I wanted to craft a space where other sick and disabled folks could share their experiences through art, writing, academic talks, and workshops.

But the university isn't the only space where we can learn. During my time in grad school, I've continually asked myself: How can I take my knowledge and training and impact those outside of the university's walls? To that end, I completed a Certificate in Community-Engaged Learning at the University of Toronto in 2013 and I used that training to develop workshops for non-profits, business entrepreneurs, and members of the community.

Recognizing that conflict is one of the key reasons that relationships and communities fall apart, I sought out a highly competitive position as a Conflict Resolution Adviser for fellow graduate students at the University of Toronto. Pairing this training with my belief in the power of community accountability, I now offer training on conflict resolution for like-minded folks who’re unsure how to move forward in the face of communication breakdowns.  

When I’m not helping promote inclusivity or running my own events, I like delving into psychology (I was once a criminology and psychology double major in another life), hanging out with my cats, and—hard as it is to believe—helping my friends move.

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