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No one ever starts out perfect or unproblematic, and no one ever reaches the finish line on becoming a more inclusive, intersectional ally. Checking your privilege, being open to perspectives other than your own, and learning about different identities is a continual process. My workshops help you along as you navigate the various stages of this process and your own personal journey.  

From how to become a better ally to the queer and trans community to taking a trauma-informed approach to moving through conflict, my workshops stress the importance of open communication, compassion, and curiosity.



I offer one-on-one consultations for folks who would like to take the inclusive, anti-oppressive allyship modeled in my workshops to another level. These consultations are tailored to your own business and can go over your website, marketing, social media, and/or your overall business plan. 

Since these sessions are personalized, they can include anything from copyediting online material; discussing website images and marketing design; crafting an inclusive, anti-oppression policy and deciding where to display it; working with social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook; and discussing physical workspace policies such as gender-neutral bathrooms, pronoun introductions, and hiring practices and initiatives.



Although learning about inclusive approaches is incredibly important, we also all need concrete, practical help from time to time. I offer this nitty-gritty attention through my writing and editing services. 

Whether you need a resume, cover letter, CV, personal statement, LinkedIn Profile, biography, or other document written up, I can use my experience as a resume writer and PhD Candidate in English Literature to put your best foot forward in the job market. I also have a great understanding of hiring mechanisms and electronic hiring programs, so I can do all that annoying keyword work for you.

Likewise, if you need editing services I work with undergraduate and graduate essays, major research papers, doctoral thesis, creative writing, and any other written communication you’d like to have polished up to the next level. My editing service is also tailored for your needs.