I offer one-on-one consultations for folks who would like to take the inclusive, anti-oppression allyship modeled in my workshops to another level. These consultations are tailored to you. If you own business, we can go over your website, marketing, social media, and/or your overall business plan. If you work in education, we can review your curriculum with an eye to equity, diversity, and inclusion.

These sessions are personalized and can include anything from:

For Businesses:

  • Copyediting material

  • Discussing website images and marketing design

  • Crafting an inclusive, anti-oppression policy

  • Working with social media platforms

  • Reviewing physical workspace policies

For Educational Spaces:

  • Curriculum and assignment review

  • Accessible classroom policy design

  • Strategies for integrating mental health & wellbeing

  • Best practices for supporting students in crisis

“I spent some time with Margeaux, having her consult my website to make sure I was making it accessible and welcoming. She was brilliant at keeping the conversation light, comfortable, and relaxed even as we danced through some tricky terminology. Not only am I over the moon with the copy on my website, but I left our meeting feeling excited that I learned invaluable information for my business and as an ally. I could not recommend Margeaux enough!”
— Rachel Kelley, Founder @ Make Lemonade
“Margeaux was a pleasure to work with on our inclusive language policy. She was clear, kind, helpful and really ensured we had the correct wording around such an important document in our organization. We value inclusiveness and using the right language but needed Margeaux’s editing wisdom!”
— Jana Girdauskas, Founder and Chair, The Period Purse