"I attended Margeaux's workshop on queer and trans inclusivity for entrepreneurs. It's something I've been thinking a lot about as an Art Therapist, but wasn't sure where to start. Margeaux's workshop was practical, personal, and fun -- she was very approachable and gave us an opportunity to do our own reflection and discuss with the group. I left with a better understanding of what to consider, and a handy list of immediate actions I could take. I would recommend this workshop to any entrepreneur or leader who wants to learn how to make their business more inclusive." 

Or Har Gil, Art Therapist

Margeaux & Tanya are equally whip-smart, engaging, and were able to make participants feel 100% comfortable and safe discussing subjects that don’t often feel comfortable and safe.
— Erin Klassen
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"Margeaux and Tanya's workshop was relevant, refreshing, practical, and a ton of fun. As facilitators, Margeaux and Tanya are equally whip-smart, engaging, and bring different but complementary skills to the table. They were able to make participants feel 100% comfortable and safe discussing subjects that don't often feel comfortable and safe, namely, how to incorporate inclusive language, actions, and policy in our professional and personal interactions. This is important stuff and I'd recommend this workshop to any human who interacts with other humans on a regular basis." 

Erin Klassen, Founder, With/out Pretend publishing




"During her zine workshop for our "Let It Out!" event, Margeaux beautifully shared elements of her personal story with us and walked us through the historical importance of zines. It was such a creative and eye-opening night that left many of us moved and in awe of the magic of this sisterhood."

Marijke and Kailah, SYZYGY


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"I spent some time with Margeaux, having her consult my website to make sure I was making it accessible and welcoming. She was brilliant at keeping the conversation light, comfortable, and relaxed even as we danced through some tricky terminology. Not only am I over the moon with the copy on my website, but I left our meeting feeling excited that I learned invaluable information for my business and as an ally. I could not recommend Margeaux enough!" 

Rachel Kelley, Founder, Make Lemonade




"Margeaux was a pleasure to work with on our inclusive language policy. She was clear, kind, helpful and really ensured we had the correct wording around such an important document in our organization. We value inclusiveness and using the right language but needed Margeaux's editing wisdom!"

Jana Girdauskas, Founder and Chair, The Period Purse

Writing & Editing

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"Margeaux turned a process that was really scary and overwhelming into one that became manageable and within my reach. Through warmth, humour, and a depth of knowledge and skill, she took the mystery out of finishing my Master's level research paper by helping me focus my attention where it needed to be. She was instrumental in helping me organize my ideas, and provided the academic and coaching support that was missing from my grad school experience. Margeaux helped me navigate the lengthy grad school application process, as well as the MRP completion process, so I like to think she is the reason I got in and the reason I got out!" 

Helen Reilly, Gestalt Therapist

I like to think she is the reason I got in and the reason I got out!
— Helen Reilly


"Margeaux's work is superb. Her attention to detail and knowledge of hiring mechanisms and electronic hiring programs are really what sets her work apart. To top it off, she has a patient and personal approach to her clients that makes you feel like she truly believes in your abilities and wants you to succeed at getting that first interview!" 

Krystle Tabujara, Artist, Costume Designer, Voice Actor