“Tiny Cups and Minor Fourths.” The Vault: On Pleasure

“Empty Houses.” FEELS Zine (Issue 6: Fear)

“Mythic Beginnings.” Invisibilities Zine (Issue 1)

“The Many Sick Mothers of My Heart.” The Minola Review (Issue 19)

“Forest Fires.” The Vault (Issue 1)

“Anger Splashing.” FEELS Zine (Issue 4: Anger)

“Slow Death.” GUTS Magazine

“Grieving Forms.” The Puritan (Issue 37)


“adrienne maree brown Shows Us How to Reclaim Pleasure Under Oppression.” Rabble.

“Reimagining a Life Without a Cure: A Review of Esmé Weijung Wang’s The Collected Schizophrenias.” PRISM International.

“Getting Off on the Sludge: A Review of Catherine Fatima’s Sludge Utopia. The Puritan


“On Sickness, Institutions, and Care” by Angel Callander. Public Parking.

“An Interview with Margeaux Feldman & Lauren Fournier” by Julie Metraux. GUTS Magazine.

“Sick Theories Conference” by Caz Killjoy.

“Sick Theories: Candid Talk Of Sex + Sickness Happening This Week.” She Does the City.

“Margeaux Feldman: a teacher, writer, community-builder and safe-space producer” by Leviana Coccia. A Quarter Young.

“Queering the Language of Business” by Sohini Bhattacharya. LiisBeth Magazine.

On “Forest Fires”: “Anyone who has experienced losing a loved one will immediately recognize the visceral, sharp waves of feeling at the core of this personal essay about grief. For those who haven’t, here’s an opportunity to look out on this erratic sea with practical curiosity — because though death is a topic we should be inherently built to understand as mortals, it’s often the event we fear most.” — Erin Klassen

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