At the heart of the work I do is the desire to connect with others. Nothing makes me happier than creating spaces where we can share our stories and learn together. From university classrooms to storytelling events, I believe that the spaces we learn in are spaces where we can build community. And when we build community, we can make magic happen!

I come to teaching with over five years of experience in educational settings — from university classrooms to workshops in community hubs. My passion for learning and community building has led me to create sold out events including conferences and storytelling nights.

As a published writer and literature student, I’m a firm believer that when we share our stories with others, we learn, we heal, and we grow. I bring my many years of experience analyzing novels, short stories, and poems to the work that I do both inside and outside of the classroom. We all have a story to tell! And when we begin to believe that, we become more effective communicators who have what it takes to foster supportive relationships with others.

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let's work together!




No one ever starts out perfect or unproblematic, and no one ever reaches the finish line on becoming a more inclusive, intersectional ally. My workshops help you along as you navigate the various stages of this process and your own personal journey.  



I offer one-on-one consultations for folks who would like to take inclusive, anti-oppression allyship to another level. These consultations are tailored to your own business and can go over your website, marketing, social media, or your overall business plan. 



Although learning about inclusive approaches is incredibly important, we also all need concrete, practical help from time to time. I offer this nitty-gritty attention through my writing and editing services, which includes resumes, cover letters, CVs, and more! 

Margeaux is an articulate and thoughtful facilitator holding space for everyone present with compassion and care! A great guide for wading into some murky and uncomfortable territory.
— Susan Wolf