As a former drama student, I believe that whether we’re speaking on a panel, giving a lecture, or telling a story, our primary goal is to connect with our audience and provide them with an opportunity to change how they see the world. I’ve been asked to speak on the topics of mental health, relationships, unresolved feelings, and the magic of community care. Below you’ll find a selection of the various speaking engagements I’ve done.


Invited to speak on the panel “Failing Excellently!” Research consistently highlights the importance of failure in learning, but what does it mean to experience failure within an environment that seems to prize excellence above all else? Shedding light on the taboo topic of failure, this panel presents stories of failure, acknowledges the real suffering associated with failure, and explores how belonging to a culture of excellence can challenge our sense of belonging and fuel fears of being an imposter.


Invited to moderate “Bodies in Resistance” as part of the Bi-Arts Festival. At Bodies in Resistance we are centering the creative work and voices of bi+, pansexual, fluid and 2Spirit artists with lived experiences at the intersections of sickness, disability, race, gender, gender identity, colonialism, violence, sexuality, desire, visibility, and class. Fallon Simard, Sandra Alland, Charlie Petch & Akio Maroon will begin the evening by sharing their work with the audience, followed by a conversation moderated by Margeaux Feldman.


Invited to speak in the session “Community Members Speak about Lived Experience with Mental Illness.” "Piece of Mind" ... is something we all strive for in our hyper-connected, fast-paced, lives. Whether it's peace of mind during a hectic semester, or sharing a piece of our mind with friends, student life can make it difficult to realize either. Grad Minds is excited to provide you with the opportunity to learn more about mental health; because a healthy mind is vital to a healthy life.

unresolved feelings.jpg

Invited as a storyteller for “Unresolved Feelings.” Have you ever had the kind of feelings that got caught in the back of your throat? Us too. We've put together an amazing lineup of women storytellers with real stories to tell about THE ONES who left us with feelings we can't quite shake. This event is in celebration of our RElaunch of Portraits the book, inspired by unresolved feelings.


Invited as a lecturer for “Girl Crush: Conversations About Female Friendship.” Happy Galentine's Day! Come celebrate on February 10th at the Gladstone Hotel as we host an evening of talks surrounding the theme of female identified friendship & idolization. Hosted by Catherine Ribeiro. Curated by Kate Barss. Thanks to Pages UnBound, The Gladstone Hotel, and the Toronto Arts Council.